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Kristen Professional Organizer

Hi, I'm Kristen!

With 18 years spent in the hospitality industry, my love for providing excellent customer service to my guests and the need for structure in the workplace has led me to pursue my life-long passion in Professional Organizing.

From a young age, I began organizing the homes of my friends & family members, which progressed to the hotels I worked at, and finally starting my own business – helping clients within their private residences.

I started Organizing Addict with the goal of helping people become more organized in their everyday lives. By providing customized organizing solutions for both homes and businesses, people can improve their productivity, save time and money, and create a more peaceful environment.

I've been a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada since March 2019, and am fully insured.

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Organizing Addict Pineapple Heart Logo

Why the pineapple?

Organizing Addict Logo

Did you know that the pineapple is a symbol of hospitality, beauty, and prosperity? It is connected to warmth, welcome and friendship – giving you a familiar, comfortable space you can call home.


The heart is a symbol of just that. We put our heart into all of our projects and take pride in giving our clients an end result they can truly love.

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